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APS was formed in 2012, after representatives from the four existing pro-life societies at the time, Edinburgh, York, Cardiff and Bristol, met and decided to form an organisation to represent the interests of pro-life students. It was always envisaged that APS would be run by students and recent graduates, for students. Thus, a majority of its leadership is made up of students, or those who have graduated within the last three years.

APS is governed by the National Council of Directors, who are voted in by APS Members at the AGM. Directors, headed by the Chairman, are responsible for setting policy, and the overall governance and steering of the organisation.

Management is split into three committees- Student Support, Communications and Finance and Fundraising.

Each is chaired by a director and comprises a team of volunteers. The first port of call for students is the Student Support Officer. Our structure is illustrated in the diagram below.

organisation structure


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