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  • "Students and young people are brilliantly placed to challenge outdated attitudes and laws. Their decision to create a nationwide alliance is as timely as it is welcome."

    Lord Alton David AltonIndependent Crossbench Peer
  • “I offer my wholehearted support to the Alliance of Pro-life Students here in the United Kingdom. May you be blessed as you ....touch people’s hearts to the joyful teaching of the essential dignity of the human person. And may you in turn be a blessing to all you encounter who are thirsty for that still small voice of tenderness, compassion and love that speaks of the sacredness of life.”

    Bishop Alan HopesBishop of East Anglia
  • "The next generation of torchbearers for the pro-life cause has arrived."

    Ann WiddecombeMP
  • "The Alliance of Pro Life Students in the UK is one of the most important groups around. They reach the next generation of politicians, lawyers, engineers, social scientists and biologists along with many others that are studying in different fields. A UK based pro life student's group is sorely needed.

    Alexandra Maniatis-GillPagans for Life
  • "APS is enabling and empowering a whole new generation with the knowledge and confidence to discuss the right to life in the public square, as well as working towards permanent solutions, starting with the rights of pregnant students on campus."

    Caroline FarrowOnline media Commentator
  • "As life-long pro-lifers and activists for the last 30 years following the birth of our disabled daughter Maria, we are supporting the Alliance of Pro-Life Students who have given us so much hope for the future!"

    Chris and Mary BrennanBristol
  • "I’m so glad that APS exists! Being a pro-life student, and fighting pro-choice motions, can be so daunting; it’s fantastic to know that there are people supporting you, helping you, connecting you with other students around the country who have experienced the same thing."

    Emily MilnePresident of King's College London Life Society 2013
  • "As a medic, you worry about your pro-life views affecting your future career. You worry about senior doctors judging you for your views and again you feel that fear of speaking up in front of your friends. I hope that with APS and a growing pro-life community, this will get better and pro-life students will have the courage and the knowledge to stand up for what is right."

    Chris OldroydEdinburgh Life Society
  • "APS is definitely an organisation that we need. Campuses are the places where people learn to think and if the pro-life message is being drowned and sidelined then we will be in trouble. Young people want ideals and are hungry to change society for the better. If they are introduced to the urgent message of the dignity of each human life then I am sure we will see a body of students galvanised into action and using their talents gained at university for the protection of life."

    Alice HeansMA student at Heythrop College London
  • "I think its fantastic that young people are taking the initiative to get involved in such a new and exciting adventure which can only benefit the pro-life movement and gives great hope for the future."

    Sr, Roseann ReddyCardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative
  • "It is very exciting that students are uniting and equipping themselves to have a pro-life message to bring to their communities. I fully endorse such an initiative."

    Robert Colquhoun 40 Days for Life
  • “We may be separated by an ocean, but we are united in the cause to bring the pro-life message to the environment that needs it most: university campuses. We are wishing the Alliance of Pro-Life Students all the best as they work to build, support, and connect pro-life post-secondary students in their nation.”

    Rebecca RichmondNational Campus Life Network Canada
  • "The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is an incredible pro-life group comprised of thoroughly informed and passionately persistent young people, destined to reduce and eventually end abortion in Great Britain!”

    Rev. Arnold CulbreathUrban Outreach Director, Life Issues Institute U.S.A and Protecting Black Life
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