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Q: Does APS set-up branches in different universities?

A: No, APS is an umbrella group for autonomous student societies. We help student set up their own groups and facilitate student outreach by supporting these groups as they grow and develop their own unique mission and vision.

Q: Why is APS needed?

A: APS is the only pro-life organisation focused solely on students. Pro-life students need a dedicated body to represent them and their interests. It is vital that pro-life students are connected and supported.

Q: My friends and I want to set up a pro-life group in my university but we don’t know how to go about it. What help can APS give us?

A: That’s great! Do get in touch with us. We have a full time staff member who can give you individual advice on just what to do, from officially affiliating to your students union, to recruiting members and holding your first event. A member of our team will be happy to visit you to give a talk, a workshop, or just to chat.  We are also producing a handbook on how to set up and run a society. We can also link you up with nearby pro-life students, and with any other pro-life organisations in your area.

Q: Why should I start a group? 

A: Starting a pro-life group on your campus will encourage a culture of life in the environment where the pro-life message is needed most. In 2011 there were 55039 abortions for the 18-22 age group in England and Wales (NOS Abortion Statistics 2011).  This is the age range of most students.The right to life is the most fundamental right of all and you are helping the next generation of pro-lifers in the UK to stand up for this right. Students have energy and enthusiasm. Even small changes can save lives in your local community. With the support of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students you will have the chance to connect with other young pro-lifers from across the UK and join the biggest human rights movement of our generation.

Q: Our student union has just passed a motion making it officially pro-choice. What can we do about this?

A: Again, get in touch! Our team has experience in dealing with just this type of suppression of free speech. We can help you with the process of challenging motions at your union and at student councils, as well as linking you up with legal advice.

 Q: Our Union won’t allow us to affiliate. What should we do?

 A: Legally, as a pro-life student you are entitled to register a student society with your union so long as you fulfill all the mandatory requirements. If your union is refusing you official status, contact APS and we will provide further guidance on how to deal with this.

Q: I’m very busy with my degree. Do I really have time to run a society?

A: Of course university is a very busy time, and doing well academically is very important. But you’ll find that with just a bit of organisation, there’s plenty of time for both. Your time at university is also when you’ll be the most free, and what more important task could you use that freedom for that fighting for the right to life? The founders of APS all ran pro-life societies while doing degrees, and I promise we survived! Plus, leading any society is excellent for developing leadership and organisational skills, and can look great on your CV.

Q: I’m keen to be involved but I’ve never held a leadership role before – is there any training APS can provide?

A:Yes! We hold a leadership training event before the start of the academic year. We can also give individual advice via phone and videochat.

Q: Does APS provide any resources for student pro-life groups to use?

A: We are in the process of creating a student handbook- a comprehensive guide to setting up, running, and making a success of your group. We are also developing the education section of our website, exploring all the various aspects of life ethics. We can also inform you about the resources available from other organisations, and link you up with great speakers.

Q: Do I have to be studying a particular subject?

A: Anyone can start or join a pro-life student society. Students studying bioethics, law, medicine and philosophy may encounter life ethics in the lecture hall more frequently but the issues feed into discussions across multiple disciplines. We are all human so the fundamental right to life is something that concerns us all. Use your particular area of interest and skills to help your group e.g. if you study English and enjoy writing, write a pro-life blog.

Q: I’m in my final year so I don’t want to start something I can’t continue.

Don’t let being in your final year deter you from starting a group. If you register with your union early on then it means you have a whole year to make a difference on your campus. Once you decide to start a group, other pro-lifers will join and you will likely attract a first or second-year student to take over when you leave. You may be just the person to light the pro-life torch on your campus and start a sustainable pro-life group. So go for it!

Q: How can I get involved in APS?

Look at our vacancies page. Our volunteer positions change regularly so there’s always a chance to get involved. We have student volunteers who are trained to represent us at events and run other projects for us, as well as our important IT Team. Every year in the Spring, we have our AGM which is your chance to put yourself forward for a Director position. This could be Treasurer, Chairman, Communications Director or Student Support Director. If you’re interested in any of these positions or think you have a skill set which APS could use, do get in contact with us!

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