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So you’re on the LifeSoc committee for next year…CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing a wonderful thing by standing up for life at your university.

It can be a bit daunting to be on the LifeSoc committee – you may face unruly unions, fanatic feminists, misogynistic men, and plenty of other people who disagree with the Pro-Life viewpoint – so to help you out, we have been running leadership training conferences for the last few years. What does one of those entail, you ask? Well, it's a day of workshops and talks aimed at helping your society flourish during the academic year (and also getting you to meet other pro lifers who are also students!). You’ll be given information, encouragement and confidence for the next 3 terms of pro-life activism.

The day will go through various aspects of being a pro-life student at university, from how to plan for fresher’s fair, to how to run events, to how to speak confidently in public, to tips on running your various social media platforms…and lots of things in between! We’ll start at 9:30, and finish at around 5:30, so it’s a pretty packed day. It’s followed by an optional social, for those who can stick around.

We’re holding two training days so that the maximum number of students can come. We have a Northern Leadership training conference, which will be held in Edinburgh on the 9th September. Our Southern conference will be held in Oxford, on the 23rd September.

How do you sign up? Easy! Simply click here and buy a ticket. We sell tickets at £5 that help onwards catering costs and also helps to give us a firm idea of numbers before we start. It also lets us see how we can target the content depending on which universities we have represented. Also, here at APS, we understand that university societies aren't made of money! Therefore, if travel costs to Leadership Training are too high please do get in touch and we can discuss subsidising it for you!

The event isn't just for those on pro-life committees either! Perhaps your university doesn't have a society but you would like to start one - then this event is for you! Or perhaps you aren't on a committee (yet!) but are interested to hear more and be trained to be a pro-life activist on campus, then come along!

We would love to have more than one representative from each university LifeSoc attending, so make sure you invite all your committee! A committee that trains together stays together 😉

What students have said about previous years’ training conference days:

This conference was an excellent experience, perfect for anyone interested in furthering the pro-life cause in the UK. Educational speakers, interactive workshops, and friendly hosts combined to create a unique pro-life event.”

Jack Stukel, 3rd Year International Relations and Arabic student at University of St. Andrews

“The training was wonderful, a great way to be inspired to do more pro-life work at university and giving ideas about how to spread the pro-life message”

Catherine Farrelly 2nd year chemistry student at the Strathclyde University

“Great workshops, great people! [It’s] a must go event for all pro-life students.”

Violetta Pyc, 3rd Year Medic, Bristol University

For more information about the event please contact Emily Milne, our Student Support Officer, by clicking here

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