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In the past month, APS has gained two new employees in two brand new roles! We are pleased to welcome Emily Prest as our Events and Administration Officer, and Bethan Cleary who will be working on a pro-life student history project.

With 6 Directors and 3 staff members, the Alliance of Pro-Life Students is getting bigger and better!

Want to find out more about the newest additions to our team? Here are their bios…

Emily Prest – Events and Administration Officer

I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in September 2017 with a BA in English Literature, and whilst I loved it I found it difficult studying texts and being surrounded by people who were aggressively pro-choice who were unafraid to voice their opinions. There was no life society and very little presence of pro-lifers on my campus; this meant that whenever I expressed my opinions there was no shortage of disagreeing opinions. This lack of voice spurred my interest in working for a pro-life organisation, when this vacancy became available I was so excited. I really look forward to working for the Alliance of Pro life students and helping the pro-life voice be heard.

When I’m not working for the pro-life movement, I love to read, I always have at least two books on the go… and I’m obsessed with historical buildings and places, I’m an National Trust member (usually reserved for the elderly!) so I can explore these places all the time! I’m also a semi-professional singer, specialising in choral music, with a preference of Renaissance polyphony.

Bethan Cleary – Research Officer

Hello! I’m really looking forward to discovering and communicating campaigning strategies that have been shown to work so that pro-life student societies around the country can work better together to save lives and change hearts! By way of introduction, I studied Spanish and Italian at Cambridge University, graduating in 2015. Whilst at university, I witnessed the founding of Cambridge Students for Life and took over as president in my final year. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to do something concrete to spread awareness of the dignity of life on campus. Whilst not without its challenges at times, it was a real joy to be part of such an enthusiastic team of students and to engage with so many students on issues concerning life ethics. Other related highlights during my university years included going to APS Leadership Training (which I highly recommend) and going to the UK March for Life both of which put me in contact with loads of young people who were also full of energy for the pro-life cause.

As I developed my understanding of medical ethics and the pro-life position, I realised that I wanted to help protect life at all stages and began to do some work experience in the medical field. I worked in my local nursing home and later for a national charity that cares for teenagers with disabilities. These experiences, working with the frail and disadvantaged cemented in me the desire to study medicine which is what I am still currently doing! I’m in my third year of four, doing a graduate medicine course at Warwick University and am so pleased I made the leap. It is such a privilege to be able to witness and help to affirm the beauty of life at all its stages in such a personalised setting.

I can’t wait to find out what other pro-life societies have been doing up and down the country over the past few decades and using this information to help your pro-life student society flourish. Do get in contact if I can help in any way!

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