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Speaker or Debate

A good speaker will open up healthy discussion with those of different perspectives and engage people in getting more involved in the pro-life movement.

APS can put you in touch with experts on a range of topics including euthanasia, abortion, stem cell research, assisted reproduction, life ethics and disability and pro-life feminism. Simply send us an e-mail with the date, location and the topic you would like covered.

Should you wish to organise a debate, we can also suggest opposition speakers.

Motion to Support Student Parents

Many students in a crisis pregnancy may not be aware of the support that the university provides should they wish to keep their child.

A ‘Support Students Parents‘ motion was put forward by Bristol Students for Life at their Student Union (UBU) AGM in 2012, in collaboration with Bristol’s Feminist Society.

Voted in by 97% of students present, the Welfare and Equality officer is now ensuring the crèche is advertised and that student parents are offered flexible working hours. UBU has even started a weekly coffee morning for student parents!

APS can help you put forward a motion like this at your union. Contact us for a template motion and advice.

Film Night 

Get together and watch a film that raises questions about life ethics: Soylent Green (1973), Gattica (1997), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007), October Baby (2012), Juno (2007) and My Sister’s Keeper (2009) are all thought-provoking choices.

Make time afterwards to discuss the questions the film raises, how the film industry conveys bioethical issues and ways to take your thoughts forward.

Trip to a Pro-Life Youth Conference

There are a number of youth pro-life conferences organised each year. These give the chance to connect with other young pro-lifers from across the UK and hear inspiring speakers. Usually, these trips can be subsidised by your local pro-life branch.

Well worth organising! See our list of Upcoming Events.


A website and/or blog will engage people who are on the fence or disagree with your views. A blogpost can easily be linked to from social media and other websites. Regular blogging is especially good if you enjoy research, writing and staying up-to-date with current affairs.

Blog about student pro-life activity, your university’s policies with regards to life ethics, wider pro-life news and whatever else peaks your interest!

APS have a digital team that can help you with website set-up, social, blogs and branding – get in contact with us to find out more.

See the King’s College Life Soc blog.

Community Outreach

A great way to translate the pro-life ethos into positive action is to support the vulnerable in your local community. Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home, assist an elderly person with their shopping, support children with learning difficulties or even help to start and run a pro-life charity shop.

If we want unethical practises such as abortion and euthanasia to become unnecessary then we need to create a culture where the vulnerable are protected and cared for. You can start doing this at grassroots level!


While holding talks and debates is vital, distributing leaflets in your area is an effective way to reach a large amount of people very quickly who may not otherwise have the chance to learn about the pro-life ethos. With even a small team you can distribute thousands of leaflets in an afternoon. Pro-life organisations will be happy to supply you with the resources.

Silent Day of Solidarity

Students have successfully commemorated the unborn who have been aborted since 1967 through silent witnesses. Remain silent for a day and communicate the reason by putting a piece of tape over your mouth and handing out leaflets providing medically certified information about abortion.

Lash for Life Social

It is important to make time to socialise and bond as a group! Why not organise a trip to the pub or even a bar crawl? Other ideas include: Salsa Night, Movie Trip, BBQ, Picnic, Bowling.


You could combine a social with fundraising to further your own work or that of a pro-life charity. Hold a cake-sale with ‘I love Life’ Cupcakes made with Haribo hearts/love hearts or a car wash or a sponsored walk!

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