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APS is governed by the National Council of Directors, who are voted in by APS Members at the AGM.

Our team management is split into three committees – Student Support, Communications and Finance and Fundraising.

Each is chaired by a director and comprises of a team of volunteers. The first port of call for students is the Student Support Officer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

  • Niall O Coinleáin
    Niall O CoinleáinChairman of the National Council and Chief Executive Officer

    Niall is responsible for the overall steering and direction of APS.

    Originally from Kilkenny in the south east of Ireland, Niall moved to Edinburgh in 2009 to study an undergraduate masters in Electrical and Mechanical engineering. He now works as a Project Engineer for a multi-national corporation, and brings his project management skills to his role in APS.

    His pro-life involvement has been predominately based in the revival of the Edinburgh Life Society over the past few years and was Chair of the APS Northern Council. Niall has become an APS director because he believes passionately in the need to support pro-life societies in Britain’s Universities; the quest for a society that values life from beginning to end requires the next generation of young professionals and academics to have truly engaged with all pro-life issues.

  • Rebecca Short
    Rebecca ShortStudent Support Director

    This position involves managing the most important part of APS’ work- providing support to pro-life students. This involves chairing the Student Support Committee, and managing our paid staff member, the Student Support Officer.

    Becky first came into contact with APS when she came to our Edinburgh launch event. Since then, she has set up and led St Andrew’s University Students for Life, which has now been officially affiliated. Her pro-life experience also includes completing an internship with SPUC. Having completed her French degree at St. Andrew’s Becky is now studying for her MA at King’s College London.

  • Bria Connolly
    Bria ConnollyTreasurer

    Bria joined the APS team over a year ago to assist with bookkeeping and sit on the Finance and Fundraising Team. In June, she took over the role of Treasurer where she will continue to manage the bookkeeping, keep records, support donor liaison and guide the APS team with financial decisions. Bria is returning to study as a medical student at Newcastle University.

  • Emily Milne
    Emily MilneStudent Support Officer

    Emily is an APS staff member, with particular responsibility for supporting students and being the first point of contact between them and APS. She is available to support students in person, by phone and by email.

    Emily first got involved in the student pro-life movement while studying languages to King’s College London when she faced an aggressive pro-choice motion. After defeating the motion, Emily founded KCL’s Life Society and ran it for two years before graduating.

  • Madeline Page
    Madeline PageComms and Media Director

    As Director of Communications and Media, Madeline is responsible for APS’ public presence- from the website and blog to literature and media. She also handles public relations such as radio interview requests or article comments.

    Madeline graduated from Cardiff University in June 2016 with a BA in Philosophy. During her course she had a keen interest in morality and ethics and completed her final year dissertation on the morality of abortion. During her time at university, Madeline was on the executive committee for the Students for Life Society and helped organise talks and workshops for students to educate them on pro-life issues as well as social events and national conferences. While at university Mads passed a ‘Student Parent Support Motion at AGM. This now mandates Cardiff Students’ Union to do more to support students who are pregnant, parents or carers whiles studying at Cardiff.


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