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Starting a pro-life student society is an opportunity to make positive, respectful change on your campus and in wider society.

You can keep the debate on life ethics alive at your university and forge a lasting pro-life presence.

Join the young people up and down the UK who are uniting to rationally and respectfully stand up for the equal right to life for all!


How to Start a Group

It’s great that you have taken this step forward in joining the pro-life movement! We can help.

1. Contact APS and we can give start-up advice by phone or e-mail.

2. Check your student union website to see what information they provide about setting a society up.

How can APS help you

Our alliance is here to guide you through the start-up process and beyond as you build your group. We can:

  • Provide over-the-phone advice
  • Visit your campus and give a workshop on starting a group and a talk to help you attract members.
  • Connect you to pro-life branches and organisations in your area.
  • Link you up with other student pro-life societies. 
  • Invite you to a leadership training weekend.

If you have any further questions about starting a group see our FAQ’s page.

Just do it

When you speak to someone about the group it will really help to engage them if you can say ‘see what we are doing!’ So just DO IT! If you have a couple of interested people, carry out some activities even if you’re still waiting to receive official status from your union.

Get together and watch a pro-life film, make a Facebook page, start wearing little feet badges, find out about the support available to pregnant students and spread the word. Have a look at our suggested events and activities and see what catches your imagination.

Start with simple things. The feeling of accomplishment will then spur the group on and help you attract more members

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