Pro-Life Students to be Allowed Platform at University of Strathclyde

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On Tuesday 30 October, the University of Strathclyde Students Union removed the clause in their pro-choice policy (‘No platform to anti-choice’) that prevented a pro-life society from affiliating to the union.

The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is pleased to see this victory for pro-life students at Strathclyde and for Freedom of Expression at the University. In October 2015, a pro-life student society, Strathclyde Students for Life, was denied affiliation because of this policy. These students challenged the policy, and three years later they finally see success. The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is proud to support these students.

This is a victory for Freedom of Speech on University campuses. Hopefully, this decision will lead to lively and open debate on this challenging topic at Strathclyde University in the years to come.

Madeline Page, CEO of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, said of the decision: ‘Universities, from their very foundation, have been centres where free and open debate has flourished. The decision today by Strathclyde Students’ Association continues this important tradition. Recently, Westminster has called for greater defence of Freedom of Speech on university campuses. I am both pleased and unsurprised that this basic right has finally been upheld and look forward to seeing students at Strathclyde flourish as they debate some of the most topical and controversial issues of our time. I only hope to see similar decisions in other student unions that have denied pro-life student groups affiliation.’

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